High Performance Coach
Joe Kehrig

Joe has been a licensed broker/agent since 1978. With over 40 years in the real estate profession, Joe has marketed and sold 1.5 billion dollars of residential real estate. Using the Blueprint2SUCCESS principals, past members of Joe's team have gone on to sell billions of dollars more in residential real estate.

Joe's small team The Kehrig Team, has been the #1 team in the nation in either volume or number of sales for the last 2 real estate organizations he has been with, Better Homes and Gardens and Pacific Union International.

Joe, like you, is still currently in the trenches, guiding his small team to over 100 million dollars in sales per year.

Joe will coach you with a practical, step-by-step proven system which he is currently using today. Joe’s Blueprint2SUCCESS program will establish the foundation for you to build a successful and consistent real estate business. Our goal and philosophy is to design a Real Estate business around your life and family. Joe has proven time and time again that his business model has survived multiple market conditions throughout his 40 year career. Let his knowledge, expertise and real life experience work for you.

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I have more than a dozen agents who have taken this training and are now on the road through the quarterly feedback sessions. I also attended the two-day session and can speak with some direct experience.

Overall, the training has been superb. Joe’s “real speak” approach, quiet yet force-filled manner and solid content are a sure winner. His methodology is activity-centric, fitting in well with our four core principles.

A focus on two main business-builders: Sphere of Influence and Farming, offer a sound basis for anyone to build on and have been well received by the Fremont agents.
In all, the Fremont Mission agents who are participating think very highly of Joe and his approach. I absolutely agree.
Best to you!
-Jack H.
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San Ramon, CA
January 16, 2019