Hear what Agents had to say about Joe Kehrig's Blueprint 2 SUCCESS Program

First of all, both Mimi and I would like to thank you very much for an outstanding real estate seminar. I have been in sales for more than 35 years. I have been salesman of the year for two corporations, national sales manager for three, and a resident for an international company. I have run many sales meetings and attended many sales seminars. However, never before your seminar have I seen a top producer like yourself not only share all of your secrets but spend two days making sure everyone understood them. My hat goes off to you: you truly are a great person.
-Bill G. and Mimi V.

Thank you for sharing some of your proven ideas for success in today’s real estate market. It is inspiring when someone of your stature and success takes the time to inspire and motivate others.
-Barbara B.

Joe, Thanks for taking the time to do the class. I thought it was great. You have tremendous credibility because you “walk the talk.” It is very difficult to teach an audience that is so disparate in their experience and abilities. You did a wonderful job of not losing the novices and not boring the veteran producers. Your modesty, confidence, kindness and toughness all come through. I would be shocked if every single person in attendance didn’t walk away with two or three immediate money-making ideas.
I love your passion, that you always stayed positive, and that you gave real world answers instead of bull. 
-Bob M.

Thank you so much for doing the seminar for us. It is very helpful to me. It inspired me to focus and work harder.
Sabrina S

First of all even one minute with Joe is worth listening to because every minute you spend with him you’d at least get one great idea.
It was incredible for the new agents because they still need to learn the basics. It was great for seasoned agents again, because they have the clients and this helps them to turn them to actual transactions.
He has so many good ideas and so much information that this could have easily been a three-day seminar.
-Nousha V.
I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciated your two-day seminar. I attended more than a few seminars in my 16-year real estate career, however you are REAL! Best part of the seminar was you understand our pain and joy of the business.
It was very informative and how courageous to share all you have acquired over many years of experience.
Thank you again and I hope all of the new agents realize how lucky they were to attend this in the early stage of their career.
Best wishes for your family,

Thank you so much for the “Listing Presentation” – it was informative and full of great ideas. I did really appreciate it! It was so nice of you to share all that with us. “Cheers”
Thank you!

I really enjoyed your two-day seminar! I feel that the seminar gave me the tools that I need to help me succeed in real estate. I hope that every member on your team realizes how lucky they are to have a mentor like you.
-Joe R.

Thank you for another excellent presentation. Regardless as to the amount of times I attend one of your training sessions, I always learn something new. I also appreciate your down-to-earth delivery.
Best Regards,

Thank you so much for extending the invitation for your latest seminar. I appreciate your time and willingness to share your valuable tools. A breakdown like this is just what I need to implement my personal business system! Thanks again for your time.
Happy Holidays,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate you and your willingness to always give back to our company and our industry. The seminar series you have organized for our East Bay offices has been a smashing success. It was great seeing our conference rooms filled this past week as you presented your monthly reviews with all the seminar participants.
In my conversations with the Branch leaders you visited the consensus has been that your business systems and the methods of how you have grown your business have made a big difference in the productivity of the Realtors who have attended. Please use me as a reference for anyone who would like to checkout your training. It is a breath of fresh air in a business that sometimes is overwhelming to those wanting to climb to the next level of success. You have given them the steps to follow. Now it is up to them to decide if they want to be great or not.
My very best to you,
-Jim W.

You made a real impact on a lot of people this morning. Thank You! I look forward to attending your ½ day seminar w/the goal of leading a number of my folks from Team Livermore into the two-day opportunity to learn from one of the most creditable people in our business.
Again thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and attitude of support for agents in our industry. WE all need the reminders and direction for the future. You set an outstanding example!
Sincere regards,
-David J.





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